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Hickory is an Up & Coming Small City


Hickory is located about an hour northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina. The region is growing rapidly due to the outstanding highway infrastructure. The Charlotte sprawl is advancing quickly but Hickory is just far enough away where it likely will not experience the insane growth as other areas like Gastonia, Iron Station, Denver & Mooresville.

My cousin lives in Iron Station and chose this spot because they wanted to be far enough away from all the craziness. Growth is still coming their way, unfortunately.

But, Hickory, has my heart. It is well developed, with zoning, parks and its own infrastructure. Nestled along Lake Hickory, there are historic spots and more modern places where you have access to today’s modern amenities. It is about 45 minutes away from my friend Brandon’s roofing company, Southern Star Roofing. He has done a number of jobs around Conover, Maiden and Newton and got us turned on to the Hickory area.

It is only an hour south of Blowing Rock & 90 minutes to Boone. Hickory is only 90 minutes east of Asheville where so many people like to flock.

Hickory has a great moderate climate because its elevation is just high enough and near the mountains where it experiences slightly cooler weather that Charlotte just cannot.

It feels like an old-American city with its own charm and history with many Victorian homes lining its streets within walking distance of downtown.

If you are considering checking out Hickory as a place to visit, I HIGHLY recommend it. Check out this aerial of this area. It really is beautiful!

Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Free Time During The Covid-19 Crisis

We are living in an interesting time. Traveling is the most important thing to do now. As since you can’t travel to a far land, you could be frustrated with staying home all through. But this doesn’t mean you have to be frustrated. This is because there are different ways you can enjoy your free time during the Covid-19 crisis. 

This article will share with you some of these things to enjoy in this season.  

  • Explore Local Area 

Local vacations are affordable. You don’t have to rob a bank to be an international tourist. If you can’t afford to travel to other places, go locally. 

Sometimes you will be amazed by the undiscovered treasure in your region. People are traveling from far countries to come to your area and experience different tour activities. But you can also travel and experience lovely things in the region. 

You will find that you travel to watch things that you can always find in your local area. They are all available to you—no paying extra legal fees and incur a lot of traveling expenses. 

So, if you are under a tight budget, look at the areas around you and enjoy the trip. 

  • Check the Museum Near Your Home 

Do you know what to find in the local museum? Sometimes most people don’t even get time to try out the local museum. Rarely will you find people from the local area checking the history of the local area? But this shouldn’t be the case. 

You can plan and visit the local area. Check the museums around you and visit them. Go check what they have to offer and the things stored and preserved in the museum. 

You will be shocked to learn so many things that you knew nothing about. 

  • Do A Day Trip 

One thing with traveling in the local area is the flexibility it can offer. When you travel, you can choose to go and come back home the same day. You can plan a day trip, and you would enjoy it as you would enjoy any other travel. 

You can take time and visit a game park, beach, or anywhere near your home. Once you find a good place to travel to, you can easily come back home. 

When you travel and come back home you save cost you could spend on accommodation. You don’t have to pay for hotel and room services when you can get all these things in your home. 

And this won’t limit the level of fun you would have gotten from this experience. 

So, if you are looking for a way to save cost as you travel, then try out traveling and coming back home the same day. It will give you more fun than you could ever get. 

Parting Shot 

If you would love to enjoy your time during the Covid-19 crisis, then the above ideas are something to try out. Explore them and enjoy your life during the covid-19 crisis.